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Sports Mom

noun. [sp-or-tz mahm]

 We are strong women, from all walks of life, raising our boys and our girls to become men and women of substance and character through the opportunities of sports. 


We believe young athletes need physical, mental and nutritional support to achieve their goals.

"Athletes need skills training, mental preparation, and nutrition. 

No matter their age.

Athletic success happens when these three elements are in place."  

   -Beth Jessop, Founder of Sports Moms United.  Former Elite 8 NCAA Div. II basketball player.

Current sports mom to Beau, age 8, and Avry, age 10.

We are here for you — wherever you are on your Sports Mom journey!

No matter your child’s age, gender, or sport of choice, Sports Moms United is your expert resource for keeping your athlete strong, healthy and focused.



At Sports Moms United you’ll find the latest research on fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.


You are raising a Whole Athlete—an athlete who needs to be nutritionally fit, mentally fit and physically fit! We review new products and talk to the experts so you don’t have to.


You’re not alone on this Sports Mom journey. If you have questions, we have answers!

Our goal is to help you help your athlete be:

1. Nutritionally Fit

Help your athlete get the nutrients they need.

2. Mentally Fit

Support your athlete in developing a healthy mindset.

3. Physically Fit

Learn how to prevent injuries and stay in the game.

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