Sports Moms Sound Off: Best Cameras for Sports Moms

“Look at this picture of Beau,” I said tugging on my mother-in-law’s sleeve.


“Ohh and this one…look at his focus. Check out this one….he looks so determined.”


None of the memories would be captured if it were not for our Team Photographer (and no, I’m not talking about the one we line up the kids for and one-by-one to get a standard picture with their bat slung over their shoulder).



I’m talking about the TEAM MOM Photographer!  You know the one, poised at the fence taking shot after shot of not only her athlete BUT EVERY ATHLETE, and then she generously sharing them in a neat little album on your team Facebook page! She is awesome! (Thank you, Joey Weir, Team Mom Photographer of the Diamond Kings).


If it weren’t for the Team Mom Photographer, some kids (ahem…mine) would have no proof they played!


Thank you, Team Mom Photographers


So maybe you are the Team Mom Photographer or maybe you are just looking for the best camera to catch all the action on and off the field.


Here are the Top Cameras For Sports Moms: Recommended by Sports Moms


Amy Bell, Sports Momma, recommends you take a look at the Nikon D3400




Or the Canon Rebel T6.

She says, “Both good cameras. Look for coupons or specials from local stores. You should be able to pick either one up as a bundle for $600 or less.”



Robin Troxell, Sports Mom of 2,  agrees that any Canon Rebel is going to be a good camera. But she mentions that you usually need a better lens than the one that comes in the kit for sports photos.  


She has a Canon 70D and loves it (but recommends you get the extra lenses).



Joey Weir, Sports Mom to four, said Sony has some great options as well like the Sony Cyber-Shot that is also in that price range that she would recommend.






Joey also loves her Panasonic Lumix. It’s an all-in-one camera and does a fabulous job in taking pictures without all the lenses (DSLR’s are nice, but packing the different lenses can be a pain).  She is a more of a “point and shoot kind of gal”, but loves being able to zoom in on the outfielders and get action shots too…all at the same time.


A great option! Sports Mom approved!  

The Pansonic Lumix FZ300  is another option she recommends. It’s a great choice, too.


Also, you might check out the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 . She mentioned that it’s been well worth the money to take photos of my family.


BONUS RECOMMENDATION: And there is real LOVE for this sliding shoulder strap. Keeps the camera close by without sitting on your chest. 

And the sliding motion on the strap makes it so easy to pull up quick for all the action shots. 




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