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Here's how we walk out our mission


  • Through our Athlete of the Day program, we strive to encourage and celebrate EVERY athlete. Effort and hard-work deserves to be recognized!


  • Each day we feature an Athlete of the Day (nominated by a parent, coach or someone in their community) and celebrate their hard-work, dedication and effort with an Athlete of the Day feature on our website and social media channels. 


  • Do you know a hard-working athlete you want to encourage? Let's celebrate! Nominate your athlete below.
Kennadi Wilson

What Does Your Athlete Need?

When young athletes are asked WHY they play youth sports, their #1 answer is...FUN!


What makes sports fun is being on a team, making new friends, having a good time and creating memories that will last a lifetime!


There's simple logic to a young athlete's definition and together we can support, celebrate and give youth sports back to the kids!

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What Do You Need, Sports Mom?

If it's support, you are in the right place at the right time! 

We exist to SERVE you!


  • For everything you need, use our website, Resource Directory, Sports Moms United Facebook community, Pinterest boards and 15-minute podcast to find all the support and encouragement YOU need to successfully navigate this amazing youth sports journey!

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