For many Sports Moms, the most stressful time of the day is DINNERTIME! You know the drill, walking through the door to a cold, dark house (thank you, Time Change) and everyone is starving and wants dinner – NOW.


Having no idea of what’s even in the fridge can escalate our stress to an even higher level. Rewind for a minute. Imagine, walking through the door to the wonderful smell of dinner cooking in the crock pot. Yes, it still may be cold and dark and everyone may still be hungry, but DINNER is READY!


A couple of hours of food preparation on the weekend can be a game changer in helping resolve the What’s for Dinner Stressor!




Steam or bake chicken breasts and store in an airtight container. This can be added to salads, used in casseroles, sandwiches, and burritos.


Prepare a pot of Salsa Chicken: toss a package of boneless chicken tenders into the crock pot and add a jar of salsa. Cook on low for about 5 hours.


Brown a package of lean ground beef or chicken for quick and easy tacos or spaghetti sauce.


Hard-boil a dozen eggs, peel and place in individual baggies for grab and go.


Prepare 2-3 cans of tuna fish for sandwiches and salads.


Make a pot of chicken or veggie soup. Pair with a green salad and you can have dinner ready in 10 minutes!


Make a big pot of brown rice or quinoa and store in airtight containers. This is easy to re-heat and a great source of fiber.


Cook several white or sweet potatoes. These will stay fresh when wrapped in aluminum foil and can easily be re-heated at dinnertime.


Make a big green salad and place a damp paper towel over the container. The salad will stay fresh for several days. (Do not add dressing until you plan to eat)


Chop veggies and fruits and store in containers in the fridge. This is great for snacks, casseroles, and stir-frys.


While cooking the chicken, chop and roast a big tray of veggies. These are delicious on salads and sandwiches.


Portion snacks in small baggies for grab-and-go ease! This is especially helpful for nuts and trail mix, as they can be high in calories.


Try to get into the “Cook Once, Eat Twice” mentality. Leftovers can make or break your week! Whenever possible, double a recipe to have for two nights or even freeze for a later date.


Keep a running GROCERY LIST on the fridge and instruct your family to jot down items as they finish them. This is a huge TIME and MONEY Saver (and who doesn’t need to save a bit of both, right?).


It’s all the little things we do in advance that take the stress out of that nightly question..”What’s for dinner, Mom?”


Noreen Gallo is a Registered Dietitian. For more tips and motivation contact Noreen at 603 553-1334, noreen@yourforeverdiet.com and be sure to follow her Healthy Living Blog at, www.yourforeverdiet.com

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