5 Can’t Miss Tips for Sports Moms

Recently, I asked a group of almost two thousand sports moms this question…


“What is the best advice you can give to another sports mom?”


Sports mama, Joy Ballard, shares the wisdom she gained while cheering on her sons in competitive sports:


Find a team to develop your son, not one that just wins.

A good coach with good kids where your athlete gets to play (no matter what position he plays) because reps in games matter.



All those trophies end up in a box in your closet when they move out.

They truly mean nothing to a college guy or an adult. Our oldest son played tennis and when he moved out he didn’t take them.



If your kid isn’t having fun move him back to rec play or a lower level or another team.

It’s supposed to be fun. It is a game.



Don’t stress so much.

Win or lose don’t yell at your kid or tell him all the mistakes he made during a game. (Can you imagine your boss following you around doing this?) I promise he is the first one to know he screwed up and it’s the coaches job to correct him. It’s your job to tell him you love him and support him no matter what.



Never once…NEVER…has the high school coach asked my son about his accomplishments in a non-school ball team.

He cares about what he does for him and how he was developed as a player to help his team win.



Hope it helps some of the newbies to the wild wonderful ride of competitive baseball (or any sport)!



Just enjoy every minute!



Joy Ballard is a stay at home mom of three boys and a big baseball fan! Her oldest son plays tennis (already college grad and out of the house) and her two younger sons play baseball (one middle school and one high school) And she is her kid’s biggest FAN!

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