Welcome, Sports Moms!

We are thrilled that you are here! Chances are at some point you have proudly proclaimed... I'm a Sports Mom! And here is something we know about ALL Sports Moms, we share some common traits.

First, we adore our little athlete (even if that “little athlete” is a professional now) and we love the connection we have with them through their sport! Second, we love the life lessons, the values - integrity, discipline, character, attitudes and beliefs - that come from sports participation and third, we just love watching them love playing their sport!


So you are among friends if you have you ever...

  • Spent more time in "a gym" than at the gym.
  • Spent more money at a sporting goods store than you did on your mortgage last month
  • Got a 3rd degree sunburn at a weekend tourney...more than once
  • Shouted…
  • Got up at 4 am to...
  • Uttered these phrases...
  • Have a T-shirt that reads...

You have found your tribe! This community is here to connect you with other Sports Moms and to provide you with all the resources you need to keep your home team winning! And to keep it FUN!


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At Sports Moms United, we get YOU! Untitled2

And so will a community of women who totally understand and celebrate a moment like this!

  • 17 years of cheer = a bazillion dollars,
  • 17 years of driving to competitions = a bazillion miles,
  • Watching aforementioned events = a bazillion hours.
  • Seeing your daughter stick a perfect back tuck in an ESPN close up = PRICELESS!!! 

You'll be part of an energized, passionate and supportive group of Sports Moms who want the best for their active child, for themselves and for their families. And who want the best resources to make it all happen!

So what can I expect here?

As a part of Sports Moms United, you will get:

  • Great meal plans and healthy snack ideas for active kids.
  • Tips and strategies for managing a busy sports family.
  • Guest experts on topics that are important to YOU!
  •  Mindset, motivation and ways to train the brain for success.

And much more…come join the Sports Mom Movement and get settled in with your friends!

We are here for you — wherever you are on your Sports Mom journey!

No matter your child’s age, gender, or sport of choice, Sports Moms United is your expert resource for keeping your athlete strong, healthy and focused.


using sports as a framework, we strive to support our athletes in becoming the best versions of themselves.

winning is not the most important thing, respect is!

we value the effort of the athlete as much as we do their ability to contribute to the win/loss record.

parents support youth allowing them to enjoy their own experience and become their own advocates.

we are raising these amazing CHILDREN (yes, they are not little adults) to become adults who thrive under pressure (because they have been there),

can express compassion (because they have helped up a fallen opponent),

can bounce back from mistakes (because they have made them),

and can thrive in the world with integrity, passion, heart & soul because they played a sport they loved and learned from.