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Nimitz Seahawks Middle School

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San Antonio, TX

What do you want to celebrate about your athlete?

Devlan is currently playing his first-ever season of football (7th grade. Devlan is autistic, but a lot of people don't know because he is so high functioning. They do not see the anxieties that sometimes leave him texting us in a locked bathroom before football practice because he's scared to tell his Coach he forgot his cleats.


They don't see the special ways we have to comb his hair to cover the bald spots he creates by pulling his hair out, or the holes in his shirts, or socks, from his need to rub them in between his fingers as a self-calming mechanism. Or the anger he used to feel when being bullied for being different (and football has really helped that part because now those same bullies call him a teammate).


This past Saturday, Devlan played his school's football game, and a minute before game time he found out he was going in as QB (his normal positions are wide receiver as well as a corner on defense and kick returner on special teams), something he has only practiced at since last Wednesday, but didn't think he did well.


He even asked, "Are you, sure Coach?"  He fumbled (but recovered) his first snap and I got worried. After that, my worries went away. He nearly intercepted a pass as a corner, he had a kick return of about 27 yards and ran a QB sneak for 55 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.


But, for him (and me) it was so much more than 6 points on a scoreboard! It was a victory for all of the extra hard work he goes through on a daily basis to get through every day.


I could not be prouder of him!! The game ended in a 6-6 tie (they were 0-6 going into this game), but it was a huge win for my kiddo.

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"He has the heart of a lion and thinks he's 6 ft tall and 200lbs."

- Dad

What life skills do you see your athlete learning through sports?

Even though life gives him some extra obstacles, he does not let anything stop him

What is a character trait your Athlete has that you adore?

Devlan has the biggest heart.

Besides sports, what does your Athlete aspire to be?

Multi-sport athlete. Devlan plays basketball as well as football. He is teaching himself (with the help of youtube) to play the piano.

Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know.

Keep God first, stay humble, and never let life's obstacles keep you from chasing your dreams!



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Who do you look up to?

 Devlan has a couple of teachers and a counselor he loves and respects. Devlan's favorite athlete is Lebron James.


What do you love about sports?

 He loves that he is seen as an equal when on the field or court. He loves to be part of a team!


What do you do in your spare time?

What spare He has a twin brother and a big sister that are also very involved in sports. When we do have extra time, we spend it with family. There are also some video games snuck in there when he gets the opportunity.

Congratulations, Devlan!

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