Athlete of the Day: Gabriella Paige

It’s time to celebrate our Athlete of The Day!

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Gabriella Paige, nominated by Sports Mama, Randi Foster, is our Athlete of the Day!

Tell us about Gabriella’s achievement:

This girl is driven!!! She has always taught herself. She learned to tumble at 2 years old. At 3 she did bridges, and cartwheels at 4. At 5 she told me “I’ll do an aerial someday, just like those girls on tv!” I couldn’t afford real dance classes, and she never let that slow her down.

Life happened and circumstances changed. Last year, she finally got to join a real dance studio and took two classes. She was doing round off back handsprings, got student of the month, and was chosen as Acro student of the year.

This year she was asked to join the Performance team, as well as taking 6 other classes! Its been much harder, and she’s been a bit discouraged, but she never gave up. She’s had some struggles and no student of the month this year… but I’m proud to say, that this beautiful girl has finally done exactly what she said she would!!! Gabriella can do aerials now “just like those girls on tv!!”

Tell us about a character trait Gabriella has that you admire:

I admire her determination and will power!!! Nothing stops her from something she sets her mind to.

Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know:

You’re amazing!!!

Congrats, Gabriella!

Sports Moms United Athlete of The Day is built on recommendations from Parents, Coaches and their Community; it’s how we discover youth athletes to feature, so if you know someone who deserves recognition please let us know here.

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