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Biloxi Indians

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Biloxi, MS

What do you want to celebrate about your athlete?

Jordon has played baseball since he was 6 yrs old. He was a natural from the beginning!! At age 7, he made the All-Star team for the first time. And has made the All-Star team every year since.


In his years as a player, he has received the sportsmanship award, most improved award, many All-Star trophies, medals, and rings. Jordon is a left-handed pitcher and a 1st baseman. He is a beast on the mound!! It's been really amazing to see him progress over the years.


Throughout his years, he has also maintained the honor roll and being a part of the National Honor Society. Overall, he is a pretty awesome kid!! He's kind, funny, smart, and a pretty awesome baseball player!!


I want to celebrate his dedication and commitment to being an all-around great person!

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"Every single person who meets him always raves about what a great kid he is. And not just great in baseball, but as a person. That means the world to me!"

- Mom

What life skills do you see your athlete learning through sports?

I see my athlete learning to be coachable in all aspects of life. And to be a team player. But most importantly, learning how to handle himself under pressure and keeping his composure in difficult situations, and remaining kind and compassionate.

What is a character trait your Athlete has that you adore?

My favorite thing about Jordon is when he's on the mound smiling. I have gotten more compliments than I can count on how his smile is contagious.

Besides sports, what does your Athlete aspire to be?

Jordon wants to do great in anything he does. He is driven by success. And he wants to make himself, and his parents, proud.

Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know.

I want Jordon to know that we will always be there to support his dreams!! No matter what!!



The Perfect Trophy Shelf and Medal Display



Who do you look up to?

Jordon admires David Ortiz, who is a retired Boston Red Sox player. He loved to watch him play and hit home runs!! He was also a 1st baseman. And Jordon wants to be as great of a player as him one day!!


What do you love about sports?

He loves being competitive! Especially when his friends are involved!


What do you do in your spare time?

Jordon likes to play on his ps4 with all his friends!

Congratulations, Jordon! We are so proud you made the Biloxi Jr High team!



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