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Salina, KS

What do you want to celebrate about your athlete?

Onnie pitched her first-ever no-hitter this past weekend! She has put in so much work and finally reaping the rewards.

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"I am so proud of Onnie. She works hard and is dedicated to everything she does."

- Mom

What life skills do you see your athlete learning through sports?

Learning to make decisions, teamwork,  and "we over me" attitude

What is a character trait your Athlete has that you adore?

Onnie is unstoppable. When she sees something she wants to achieve she stops at nothing until she accomplishes it.

Besides sports, what does your Athlete aspire to be?

Onnie is planning on going on to college. She is unsure for what yet. She does have a weighted 4.0 GPA.

Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know.

To keep setting her goals high and shooting for them one step at a time. She is who she makes herself.



Raising Champion Families University



Who do you look up to?

 Her biggest influencer is her cousin Diandra Milliner Stoddard who was a gymnast for Alabama. Roll Tide!


What do you love about sports?

She loves the bond between her and her sisters. The time we spend with our softball family. And of course the feeling of winning!


What do you do in your spare time?

Onnie studies hard and always has a ball in her hand. She loves to be with her friends, and of course, she can do all the Tik Tok dances and can do full face make up! She also sings and draws.

Congratulations, Onnie!

raising champion families university


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