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Bettendorf, IA

What do you want to celebrate about your athlete?

Zach loves playing baseball and football. 2020 honors he received include:


Baseball 2020 Season: 3rd Baseman

All-Conference Team


All Sectional was awarded the Silver Slugger Award

.627 Slugging Average

.458 Batting Average

.521 On Base Percentage


Football 2020 Season - Quarterback

7 Touchdown passes - 1 Rushing touchdown - 110.4 Quarterback Rating


My son is a type 1 diabetic since the age of 9. He has worked hard to not let this slow him down. He works hard to get the goals he wants.

Zach Garton3

"He is such an inspiration to me and his father. He manages his diabetes all on his own and keeps on task in whatever he is doing."

- Mom

What life skills do you see your athlete learning through sports?

The ability to work hard. And to see the efforts of his hard work get him to the goals he set for himself.

What is a character trait your Athlete has that you adore?

Zach is a team player. Keeping the energy positive in the dugout and on the football field. Supporting his team mates and always willing to do anything to improve his game.

Besides sports, what does your Athlete aspire to be?

He is currently looking at playing both baseball and football in college next fall. His personality sparks with everyone. He plans to study marketing and wants to possibly help coach in the future.

Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know.

From the day we were told he was a type 1 diabetic - he never felt sorry for himself. He told us he wasn't going to let this hold him back. He is such an inspiration to me and his father. He manages his diabetes all on his own and keeps on task in what ever he is doing.



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Who do you look up to?

He admires his grandfather. They have a special bond. No matter what is going on in his life - he always has time for him. Both his grandmother and grandfather have never missed a game. Our family is very close and is very important to Zach.


What do you love about sports?

Zach started playing baseball at the age of 6 - even at that age, he showed such enthusiasm for the game. Night after night begging his dad to throw a baseball or football with him in the back yard.


What do you do in your spare time?

 In Zach's spare time he is usually watching baseball or football. And of course, hanging out with his friends.

Congratulations, Zach!

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