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Pinellas Park, FL

What do you want to celebrate about your athlete?

Zoey was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. Zoey started gymnastics at age 4 and has gone from barely being able to walk a straight line to loving being on the balance beam!


She has learned how to do half turns, side dismount handstands, levers, tuck jumps and split jumps. She has learned how to do back bends into kick overs, running round offs and has started putting multiple skills together to do a routine.


Gymnastics has been used in place of physical, occupational, and behavioral therapies to great success.

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"I am so proud of Zoey; her growth, perseverance and dedication."

- Mom

What life skills do you see your athlete learning through sports?

All of them! Gymnastics requires team work, sportsmanship, and social skills, all things she will need in life to succeed.

What is a character trait your Athlete has that you adore?

I adore her tenacity. Zoey will get frustrated with herself but will regroup and come back harder, and more determined to master a new skill. She shows up and works hard at the gym 3 days a week. She encourages and cheers on classmates while waiting her turn.


Zoey thinks anywhere is a gymnastic platform and can frequently be seen doing back bends and arabesques on her paddle board in the Gulf of Mexico. She loves to do handstands, round offs and cartwheels in the surf!

Besides sports, what does your Athlete aspire to be?

A fashion designer or Marine Biologist working with sea turtles

Tell us one thing you want your athlete to know.

Her family wants her to know how proud of her we are!


Yes, we are her biggest cheerleaders, but she's the one doing the work and learning the skills. She has always been our little force of nature and has never let anything stop her.


We can't wait to see what she accomplishes in life and are grateful to be along for the ride!



Sports Parents United Insider's Club



Who do you look up to?

Katelyn Ohashi and Simone Biles! Both women have inspired her to keep pushing and keep training to be able to do extraordinary things.


What do you love about sports?

Zoey loves doing routines and wants to be an Olympic gymnast. She likes to perform for people and inspire younger girls to join.


What do you do in your spare time?

 Zoey loves to go paddle boarding, hanging out at the beach, skateboarding, and drawing her latest fashion designs.

Congratulations, Zoey!

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