Healthy Snacks

Are Your Kids Always Hungry?

TEAM UP TUESDAY QUESTION: Are Your Kids ALWAYS Hungry? One solution to this never-ending hunger and constant grazing is to POWER UP their snacks. The best way to do this is to follow this simple snack formula.   CARBOHYDRATE +PROTEIN or FAT = POWER SNACK   Simply snacking on carbohydrates alone can lead to seemingly endless hunger. The body is designed to burn carbs first and fast and eating them alone can lead to endless grazing, complaining and whining about hunger.   The solution is to POWER UP a snack with PROTEIN and or HEALTHY FAT. Protein/Fat keeps us full longer and incorporating it into a snack can be a game changer.   If I had a penny for every person that told me apples (carbohydrates) made them hungry, I would be one rich dietitian! Don’t get me wrong, apples are super healthy but they are carbohydrates and we burn…

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