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Pre-Game Jitters? A Mental Game Coach Shares Her Approach

Hi, I’m Coach Pomai, a Mental Game Coach for athletes and I’m here today to talk pre-game jitters! Whether your athlete is just starting out or a professional, nervous energy is part of sports. Would you believe I even know of some elite athletes who got so nervous before a game they would actually throw up!     And I imagine, as a sports parent, there are times you would give anything to settle your athlete’s nerves before a big game, right? Yet, as much as we want to take the nervous energy away, that might not be helpful.   FEELING NERVOUS IS A FAMILIAR PART OF COMPETITIVE SPORTS   When athletes are younger than 8 or just starting out in their sport, they are lost in the challenge of learning or improving new skills like dribbling a basketball, throwing or catching a baseball, doing a handstand in gymnastics or just standing up…

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