Physically Fit

How To Minimize Overuse Injuries

Our nephew walked out of the doctor’s office with a surgery scheduled for the following week. His elbow had been hurting for some time and upon further review from the doctor, it was decided that he needed Tommy John Surgery (which is a surgical graft procedure in which the ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow is replaced with a tendon from elsewhere in the body.) Surgery is scary at any age and at 15 it had us all concerned. Thankfully he breezed through the surgery, the rehab and is now playing again. Whew! But I found it interesting, when we talked to our nephew, he named a handful of other players who had already had the surgery or were scheduled to have it. Hmmm…. So What Is A Repetitive-Use Injury? How Can It Be Minimized? Overuse injures, unlike acute injuries, don’t show themselves right away and can develop as a result of chronic strain…

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What If It’s YOUR Child?

We all get that sinking feeling when we watch any athlete go down on the field and when it’s YOUR CHILD, you hold your breath and pray for the best outcome. Sometimes they hop right back up and sometimes they don’t. Life and sports are risky. The athlete can get hurt. But what if their body is ready for a crisis? What if it’s in the BEST POSSIBLE CONDITION to handle the injury? The nutrition flowing through their body is critical! It’s a first line of defense. Fruits and vegetables provide THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of plant chemicals that strengthen and protect in ways that NO OTHER food source can! This is the “WHY” behind the recommendation that athletes get up to 16 servings of fruits and vegetables a day!  It’s so important for injury prevention AND when an injury does occur, those plant chemicals are needed for repair and recovery!

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