Episode #51: Nobody Told Me THIS Would Happen As A Sports Mom!

  We could all use a little more laughter right now…like deep belly laughs. So buckle up and get ready for this huddle because I’m chatting with a sports mom who will make you laugh and drop some wisdom as well.   Brandalyn is a humorist and softball mom with a big heart and the spiritual gift of humor. Here is her recent rant and our conversation that follows.   On the podcast, Brandalyn and I discuss…   Who she is, what she does, and why she does it.   We find out more about Brandalyn as a softball mom   Her hilarious softball mom rant and her discoveries about the softball world.   Advice/tips for other sports moms/parents as they help their athletes navigate their own sports journey.     Bio:       Brandalyn Shropshire is a humorist, writer, and actress. Making people laugh has always been Brandalyn’s…

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EPISODE #50: Can Youth Sports Teach Adults Humility and Patience?

  When sports shut down, we all had some downtime to refresh, but quickly we missed seeing our kids compete. Chet Arnold, the author of Bean and Baseball in Time Flies, reminds us to enjoy the journey and embrace the ups and downs.   We talk about some really important ways parents can develop a positive perspective as they navigate life with their athlete.   Chet and I discuss… Bean and Baseball as a book about the youth baseball experience and how quickly time flies from the first practice to High School Graduation and the milestones in between.   Why Chet wrote Bean and Baseball?   How youth sports can teach parents humility, patience, and understanding.   What advice/tips would you give our sports moms/parents as they help their athletes navigate their own sports journey?   BIO Meet Chet D. Arnold I am an Army infantry Veteran, a product of…

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EPISODE #49: Is This Injury Serious Enough to go to the Emergency Room?

Your kiddo comes home from practice complaining about a sore, maybe sprained, ankle. It’s kinda swollen, but nothing major. What do you do next?   You just need a quick answer. Don’t google it. You have another choice…help from an athletic trainer. Listen in to learn more from my conversation with Certified Athletic Trainer, Michelle Cordero.   Michelle and I discuss…   What is your main goal for Athlete Remedy?   Why is it so important to have a resource like Athlete Remedy? What gaps are you filling for parents and their athletes?   What advice/tips would you give our sports moms/parents as they help their athletes navigate their own sports journey from your perspective?   Tools she created to help sports parents advocate for and help their athletes with their injuries.     BIO: Meet Michelle Cordero: I know that a lot of the information out there can be…

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Episode #48: What Would Sports Parents Learn If We Could Read a Coach’s Diary?

  You haven’t heard of A Coach’s Diary?   You must not be on social media much because Reggie Bibb and A Coach’s Diary are everywhere these days and with good reason. Coach Bibb is spreading a positive, powerful, and productive message to help and inspire athletes, coaches, and parents all over the world.   Get ready! This is a powerful 15-minute huddle with practical wisdom for you and your family.   Reggie and I discuss…   Who he is, what he does, and why he does it.   How A Coach’s Diary got started.   How much influence do you think the parent’s EXAMPLE (versus just talking) has on their athlete?     We talk about one of Reggie’s post from A Coach’s Diary   WISDOM is doing NOW what you will be happy with later. STAY READY and STAY PREPARED so that you don’t have to rush to…

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