Episode #5 – How Can I Help My Athlete Stay Injury-Free?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s Huddle: Today’s question: How can I help my athlete stay injury-free?   To help answer the question, I’m joined by Dr. Tommy John.  We discuss the rise in sports-related injuries in youth athletes and what we can do to help minimize injury.   Learn about Dr. Tommy John’s 4-part solution: Rethink, Replenish, Rebuild, Recover.   How does the training philosophy in the United States compare with other countries?   How can we make healthy living a lifelong pursuit for the entire family?   Links & References:   You can connect with Dr. Tommy John:  https://www.drtommyjohn.com/   Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance: A Sports Parent’s Survival Guide*   All about Dr. Tommy John: With Master Degrees in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University, Dr. Tommy John has over 17 years of health experience.   At the completion of his studies, Dr. Tommy played professional baseball for…

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Episode #4 – Why Do I Need to Understand How the Unconscious Mind Works?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s Huddle: Today’s question comes from me! How does my child’s unconscious mind drive their behavior and why does understanding it matter for them (and me) in sports and life?   To help answer my question, Dr. Ruben West, an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, published author and Certified Professional Success Coach joins us.   Understanding how the unconscious mind works by comparing it to the way our immune system works.   How do negative comments affect your child’s subconscious mind?   How repetition will help them train their brains for challenges they will face.   How praising your child for embracing the process (and not the outcome) can make a huge impact in sports and life.   Links & References: You can connect with Ruben West at website: http://www.rubenwest360.com and his twitter handle @RubenWestSpeaks  Dr. West’s Book: Destination Mastery*   All about Ruben: Ruben is a…

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Episode #3 – What Are the Risks of Performance Enhancing Substances and Supplements?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Donald Hooten shares his family’s very personal story about his brother, Taylor, and why his family started the Taylor Hooten Foundation.   Need support in your area? The Taylor Hooten Foundation delivers 150-200 programs a year to help educate young people and their adult influencers about the truths of appearance and performance-enhancing substances.   Specific strategies for talking to kids of all ages about performance-enhancing substances.   How to know what to look for in dietary supplements.   Links & References: You can connect with the Taylor Hooten Foundation at https://www.taylorhooten.org and watch this video about Taylor’s story.   PLAY Stands for Promoting a Lifetime of Activity for Youth. It’s a community outreach program put on by the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers (PBATS) in all cities across the U.S. and Canada with a Major League Baseball team. For the past 10 years, the…

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Episode #2 – Practice at Dinnertime? Tips to Ease Mealtime Stress

What You’ll Hear in Today’s Huddle:   Sports Mama, Mhari Turner, asks: One thing I am struggling with…dinner! We usually end up eating in the car or on the field and I need new options! My kids and I are tired of the same packed meals. What can I do to mix it up and to be prepared?   To help us answer this question, we asked Noreen Gallo, a Licensed, Registered Dietitian, who works with athletes of all ages to give us her tips and strategies.   How to keep food prep simple and finding time for food prep.   Freeze it! Cut it! How to Store it! And how to use the “Power of the Platter”.   Stir fry for the win! Fresh vs Frozen?   Links & References: You can connect with Noreen at https://www.yourforeverdiet.com/  and get more tips on her  Your Forever Nutrition Counseling Facebook page.…

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