Episode #2 – Practice at Dinnertime? Tips to Ease Mealtime Stress

What You’ll Hear in Today’s Huddle:   Sports Mama, Mhari Turner, asks: One thing I am struggling with…dinner! We usually end up eating in the car or on the field and I need new options! My kids and I are tired of the same packed meals. What can I do to mix it up and to be prepared?   To help us answer this question, we asked Noreen Gallo, a Licensed, Registered Dietitian, who works with athletes of all ages to give us her tips and strategies.   How to keep food prep simple and finding time for food prep.   Freeze it! Cut it! How to Store it! And how to use the “Power of the Platter”.   Stir fry for the win! Fresh vs Frozen?   Links & References: You can connect with Noreen at https://www.yourforeverdiet.com/  and get more tips on her  Your Forever Nutrition Counseling Facebook page.…

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EPISODE #1 – Welcome to the Sports Moms United Podcast

  Welcome to the Sports Moms United Podcast! Because as a sports mom, you are busy. I’m right there with you! So, I want to honor your time by “huddling” with you once a week to talk sports mom strategy.   Every Friday, I will bring on an expert guest to share actionable tools, tips, and strategies with you to help you raise your athlete. I believe, as sports moms, we are strong women from all walks of life raising our boys and girls to become men and women of substance and character through the opportunity in sports.   I believe we want to raise whole athletes…athletes who are nutritionally fit, physically fit and mentally fit and I’m here to bring those resources to you!   And to help us keep it all running smoothly, I’ll also bring on guest experts with tips and strategies, just for us Sports Mamas, to get…

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