Episode #38: Is Yelling and Screaming at Athletes the Best Way to Coach or Parent?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Does yelling at athletes prepare them well for the world after sports? Does it really “toughen them up”? Is this the best way to coach/parent? In today’s huddle, I bring back J.P. Nerbun, a mentor, writer, coach, and sports consultant who is, most importantly, I am a husband and father. We talk about what happens when we lead with love, both as a coach and parent, and some practical ways we can change the default response from yelling and screaming to setting high standards and leading with love. JP and I discuss… Who he is, what he does and why he does it. Are we asking the right questions about how we coach and parent? And what are those questions we should be asking ourselves? How our brains work and how we can help our kids/athletes to use their WHOLE brain. Why we…

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Episode #37: What Happens When Your Athlete Doesn’t Eat Properly?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Did you know that food is more than just fuel for our athletes? It’s information their body uses to perform and to stay injury free. So what happens when our athlete doesn’t eat properly? In today’s huddle, I talk with a sports dietitian, Amy Dirks. Amy is a mom of two daughters playing sports and Amy herself was a D1 volleyball player at Arkansas State. She also was Sporting KC’s first sports dietitian. Amy and I discuss… Who she is, what she does and why she does it. Her food philosophy: Eat whole foods as much as possible, which means food that grows and dies. Why we are not meant to eat all the processed foods, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. Why food is not just fuel…it’s information for our body and why an athlete can’t “out supplement” a diet missing whole foods. Why…

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Episode #36: How Do We Change the Default from ME to WE in Youth Sports?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: What if our athletes were more focused on being the best FOR their team instead of the best ON their team? In today’s huddle, I talk with Dr. Rob Bell, a mental toughness coach, who believes that No One Gets There Alone (which is also the title of his latest book). We talk about what WE over ME looks like in youth sports. Dr. Bell tells us how an athlete can “get out of their own head” by serving others first. Dr. Bell and I discuss… Who he is, what he does and why he does it. Why he holds sports and the vehicle of sport as sacred and how we can learn so much through sports. What is the Hinge? And Rob shares his hinge moment during a triathlon and how it led to the question he asks “Would You Stop”? What…

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Episode #35: What Does Love-Powered Leadership Look Like in Sports?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: What if there were a proven Coaching & Sports-Parenting Philosophy that would help your student-athletes have more joy, passion, confidence, and success on and off the field? Would you want to hear about it? In today’s huddle, I talk with Andrew Simpson from Player’s Fitness and Performance about the love-powered leadership philosophy and it’s growing movement in youth sports. Andrew and I discuss… Who he is, what he does and why he does it. What is Love-Powered Leadership? What happens when athletes lead from love, coaches coach from love and parents parent from love? How John Wooden used the principle of leading with love in his coaching (even though he didn’t put the word LOVE in the success pyramid and regretted it). Four Practical, Uncommon Ways to Increase Athlete’s Performance How to improve the parent/athlete relationship with a 30 day “Not Say Anything…

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