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It’s About Our Kids, Not Us.

I am a mom, elite athlete, and sports psychologist: Dr. J is my name. A few weeks ago I wrote a comment on Jessica Mendoza’s (first female major league baseball broadcaster) Facebook post.   I decided to make an intentional and deliberate comment illuminating my passionate need to spread my advice and expertise in the world of sports, especially youth development. This is where Beth found me and contacted me.   Here is my story and why I am writing this blog.  Beth and I share a similar passion for taking our own experiences, sharing them, to inspire and to help others. It is time for me to break out….     My story begins on the little league baseball field with two older brothers and leads me my current job as a clinical sports psychologist in San Antonio, Texas.  I own my own company the Texas Center for Sport Psychology.  I had no idea before…

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An Open Letter to Mohamed Sanu’s Mother

High fives,  Aminata Koroma! High fives for raising a man of substance and character through the backdrop of sports.   It’s really what all sports parents hope will happen with their athlete. We want to see our children influencing the world around them in a positive, productive way just like your son did on that uneventful flight to Atlanta.   So I started my Google search for “Who is Mohamed Sanu’s Mother” because I had just finished reading an article ( about her son’s behavior on a recent plane flight and I wondered what kind of mother had raised this young man and professional football star.   I just wanted to thank her.   I don’t know her or know how much influence she had on her son growing up (I’m a Sports Mom too, so I assume she gets some major credit) but I was impressed with what I had…

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3 Tips for Your High School Athlete!

Mom’s and Dad’s of a student-athlete graduating from high school to collegiate sports KNOW their athlete will face many new challenges AND there will be uncertainty as they leave the comforts of home and move into a new community! One area they can COME IN PREPARED is NUTRITION. Help them get ahead by focusing NOW on nutrition and get that habit started BEFORE they start the exciting new journey of collegiate sport! Here are three great tips to get them headed in the right direction! Sports Drinks are a NO-NO! Gatorade has as much sugar as a can of soda! Drink water and look for alternatives to replenish electrolytes! Get plenty of REST! Help them understand that their bodies RECOVER when sleeping and wear-down equals tear-down of the body! Teach them to have a “bad memory” when it comes to mistakes and failures. Dwelling on mistakes isn’t a good habit for long-term success!

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