What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:

Can you feel it? The pressure is high. The fear of missing out is real. But what happens to your athlete when they specialize too early?

In today’s huddle, I talk with Brett Klika from SPIDERfit Kids about the very real dangers of early sports specialization.

Brett shares important insights with us from his extensive background working with youth athletes all the way to professional athletes. Stay with us for this one…it’s information you’ll need.

Brett and I discuss…

  • Who he is, what he does and why he does it.
  • Why he started the SPIDERfit Kids movement and how his experience with young athletes all the way to professional athletes shapes everything he does.
  • How SPIDERfit Kids empowers coaches, parents, and educators with everything they need.
  • Why working with kids is not just babysitting, it’s so much more.
  • The reality that organized sports is where our kids are being active and why it’s important to understand this and what it means for youth sports.
  • What is sports specialization? Why it causes problems for the long-term athlete and who drives early sports specialization?
  • What do the national organization for sport think about sports specialization and what are they recommending?


Brett Klika, founder of SPIDERfit Kids is regarded as an international expert in the field of inspiring kids to be active for life.

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