We could all use a little more laughter right now...like deep belly laughs. So buckle up and get ready for this huddle because I'm chatting with a sports mom who will make you laugh and drop some wisdom as well.


Brandalyn is a humorist and softball mom with a big heart and the spiritual gift of humor. Here is her recent rant and our conversation that follows.


On the podcast, Brandalyn and I discuss...


  • Who she is, what she does, and why she does it.


  • We find out more about Brandalyn as a softball mom


  • Her hilarious softball mom rant and her discoveries about the softball world.


  • Advice/tips for other sports moms/parents as they help their athletes navigate their own sports journey.







Brandalyn Shropshire is a humorist, writer, and actress. Making people laugh has always been Brandalyn’s passion and she has found much success with her alter egos “Shrop the Cop” and “Ms. Pointsetta”. She believes the number one “violation” in life is that people often do not enjoy the funny side of life.


As a humorist, she has opened for such artists as comedians Rickey Smiley and Michael J, R&B artist Kem, and renowned saxophonist Angella Christie. She has written, directed, and starred in stage plays including her one-woman show, “Won't He Do It” and “BrightStar Assisted Living: Not Your Ordinary Nursing Home” under her Production Company BJS Productions.


Now Brandalyn is using her humor, personal insights, and positivity to motivate others by addressing professional conferences and conventions.


Brandalyn is employed at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where she also received her B.A. in Communications. Brandalyn Shropshire is the eldest daughter of Pastor Willie and Cheryl Paul of New Horizon Church in Chattanooga, TN. She is blessed to have a wonderful husband, Daniel Shropshire and they are the proud parents of Little Miss Sydney Shropshire.


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