Episode #11 – Products We Love! Lion Latch: The Safest Way to Store Jewelry On-The-Go

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:


  • Today we are featuring a Product We Love: The Lion Latch!


  • To tell us about the Lion Latch, I’m chatting with creator, teacher and mom, Lerin Lockwood.


  • What makes the Lion Latch a unique product perfect for sports moms and athletes?


  • How Lerin created the Lion Latch and what she went through to get it to market.


  • Where you can get your own Lion Latch!


  • How Lerin runs her business while taking care of her family and working in her full time job.


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Lerin Lockwood is a high school art teacher and multi-sport coach. She uses her hands A LOT. Because she’s so active, she has several occasions each day where she has to take off her jewelry including her wedding rings. She needed a protective, convenient and consistent place to keep her rings from being damaged or lost and have peace of mind they were safe while she was hard at work or play. And that’s why she created and developed the Lion Latch!




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