What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:


  • Today’s questions: Why is water so important? How do I find healthier options to sports drinks? And what should my athlete really be drinking immediately after a practice?


  • To help answer the questions, I’m joined by Amy Napoli.  We discuss why hydration is so important and how to guide your athlete to know what to drink and when to drink it.


  • How does hydration and dehydration affects our bodies? How much water do we need?


  • How can I encourage my kids to drink more water?


  • Are there any ways to tell if my athlete is hydrated enough?


  • Does my athlete really ever need a sports drink? And how do they affect your body?


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Amy is a certified health and nutrition coach who provides support, strategies, and encouragement to busy moms so they can nourish their minds, bodies, and families. She received training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Precision Nutrition. As a long-distance runner and mom of two very active teens, she understands the importance of feeling at the top of your game and how critical it is to fuel with nutrient-rich foods to stay healthy and to reduce the risk of injury. She brings that real-world knowledge to all her Balanced Athlete Nutrition Coaching.




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