This Conversation Between Two Gymnastics Moms Restored My Faith in Humanity

Just like anything in life, social media can either be used for good or for destruction, depending on our intent.

I’m in several sports moms groups including Sports Moms United and I found this exchange between two gymnastics moms to be one of the most helpful, honest and encouraging exchanges on social media lately.

It’s simple. It’s honest. It’s powerful.

It went like this…

Bridgett asked a vunerable and very real question which most sports moms have (or will have) on their mind.

I just gotta ask. For those moms who have raised gymnasts from toddler to college – or even upperclassmen in high school – how did you not break mentally? I mean, I’m being serious. Between the emotional roller coaster, the financial roller coaster, the gym mom roller coaster… I’m exhausted beyond words. And she just turned 10.

Missy, another gymnastic mom in the group, replied:

My daughter started gymnastics as soon as she was out of her carrier car seat. Seriously, she joined her brother’s toddler class. She started a team at age 5. She is 14. Financially, I’m not going to say it is easy. We are lucky enough that we can do that for her, if it puts a financial strain on your family, walk away. It isn’t worth that. Emotionally, that is easy, it is her thing. She does it, I say “good job” It is not my activity to stress over so I don’t.

Bridget responded.

I would definitely agree that I’m too involved often. And it’s not like I’m trying to “live vicariously” through her. But I know that she’s talented, and sometimes it’s heartbreaking when she’s mental blocking or upset with herself for not being able to do something because she’s simply in her own head. sigh

Missy replied.

We were there. For 2 years back and forth. Finally, SHE decided she was ready and she is golden. There was nothing I could do or say to fix it. There was nothing her coach could do or say to fix it. I do think letting her do it in her own time without constantly talking about it helped. She knew when she was ready.

Bridgett said.

This is what I needed to hear, I think.

Missy replied.

I’m not going to say it was easy. It is heartbreaking to watch her struggle. But I couldn’t fix it so all I could do was support her. Ice cream tends to help too LOL!!

Bridgett finished in agreement.

Haha!! Yes!!

I am so encouraged by Missy and Bridgett!

In a youth sports culture where logic is being trampled, this exchange brings me so. much. hope. and. joy! So much is RIGHT about their advice and encouraging words to each other.

Thank you, Missy and Bridgett. You are leading by example.

Well done, Sports Mamas!

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