Mentally Fit

Help Your Athlete Keep Their Mind Strong


Sports can take a toll on our kids’ bodies AND on their minds. Athletes can face outside pressure from coaches, parents, and too often they put pressure on themselves to be perfect. Sometimes the stress is so intense they can no longer enjoy the sport they love.


Sports Moms United gives you the tools to support your athlete’s mental game.

We connect you to mental health research and experts that will help your child compete better, enjoy their successes, and see their mistakes as learning experiences—and then take those lessons on to the bigger game of life.


  And isn’t that what this is all about?


We created a PLAYBOOK just for you and your active child!

Need Help With Your Athlete's Mental Game?


Our Mentally Fit Guide gives you all the resources you’ll need to help your child stay grounded and positive in sports and in life.


The Mentally Fit Guide includes:

  • How to Help Your Athlete Have More Confidence: Affirmations for any age
  • Mental Performance Practice Tools: Simple Pre/During/Post Competition Mental Routines your athlete can start now.
  • Mistake Ritual: Use this to help your athlete learn from shortcomings and move on
  • Top 3 Mindset Questions from Sports Moms...Answered!