Physically Fit

Help Your Athlete Keep Their Body Strong and Healthy


Your athlete is training hard and pushing their body to the limit. Are regular aches and pains inevitable? At Sports Moms United, we don't think so!


As parents, we can help our kids focus on preventative care that will keep them in peak performance


Let's get every muscle, every tendon, even EVERY CELL working for your athlete! Sports Mom United has the resources to answer all your questions!


We also know that injuries are a part of the life of an athlete. When your child is sidelined, we are here to guide your path to recovery and to share tips for handling the mental side of forced time off.


So we created this GUIDE just for you and your active child!


Want Your Athlete to Stay Healthy?


Our Physically Fit Guide has key strategies to keep your child on the field, in the gym, or at their next performance.

The Physically Fit Guide includes:

  • Mobility & Free Play: Why it's foundational to your athlete's health at any age.
  • Preventing Injury & Recovering Faster With Nutrition: How to use nutrition to protect your body from injury.
  • Injury Prevention: How Can I Help My Athlete Stay Injury-Free?
  • Recovery Time & How to Handle Injuries: Physical and Mental Expectations
  • Top 3 Health Questions From Sports Moms...Answered!

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